“True Blood” Season Finale Now or Forever?

10 Sep

Kudos to the big star on this season of “True Blood” as Eric Northman drove a stake in Russell early in the HBO drama’s opening, revealing how good it felt to do so.

What a way to start an episode after Russell pulled off the resurrection.  Maybe this time will keep him in the grave as the show based on a series of novels that offers the mysteries associated with the coexistence of vampires and humans from a small town in the northwest part of Louisiana. The series centers around the daily escapades of Sookie Stackhouse and the telepathic state of mind in with which she bestows on those around her.

In the season 5 finale, Eric was just getting started out well as he, Sookie, Tara, Jason, and Nora penetrated the Authority center and made a gallant effort at attempting to influence Bill to come to his senses and cease his destruction against humanity.

Meanwhile it was Andy who was more than busy as he quickly became the proud daddy of four babies.  All that was necessary on his part was to promise that he would make sure that at least half of them would develop into adults. Alcide took on the position of leader right after he would drink some v-juice and vowed to have a higher quality pack that would hopefully be without shirts.

Now just how strange is it that no one ever mentioned MeeMaw’s missing granddaughter? Disguised Luna portrayed Reverend Steve in order to be able to rescue her wolf-girl. Meanwhile, Sam opted toff chancellor in the most creative way.  He would fly into her throat as a fly and the returned to a human, exploding her body into a gazillion bloody pieces. After this act, the revelation that Sam might just be the king of power on “True Blood.

Jason is influenced by his parents as he transforms himself in “Stackhouse the Vampire Slayer.”  The newest couple, Pam and Tara are becoming the strongest team as they wrap up in a strong kiss.

Back at headquarters, Bill engaged in what was to be his final competition as he spiked some blood with solver in order to get Lilith’s blessing. Salome was seemingly peaceful with being staked. Strangely enough, Bill drank blood from Lilith and also exploded into a bath of blood.  Unfortunately, Bill would resurrect in the blood image of Lilith. It was time for those around to head for the hills.

Maybe new stars next season will get the show on its feet as this season was mostly painful. This season was simply a hodge podge of characters in too many roles and sub-standard shows.


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