Apple’s Next Generation iPhone – What to Expect

10 Sep

It’s always been said, there’s something about the story that you hear as it had to start somewhere.  If that old adage is true, Apple’s next iPhone will provide faster fourth generation wireless networking as reports and rumors would have it. Reports sought from people close to the matter and offered through the Wall Street Journal, revealed that the new unit will operate with some but not all of the 4G LTE networks in the US and abroad when it is rolled out for purchase later this month.

Currently, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all have 4G LTE networks with significantly faster data speeds than 3G networks while using varied frequencies.  Although it was not, 4G LTE technology was actually expected to be in the 2011 release of iPhone 4S but it only boasted slightly faster technology and was a great deal different from what is possible with the 4G LTE spec sheet which may be at least 10 times faster. After the release of the 4S, Apple bought the technology to the third generation iPad. The rumor mill has continually reported the claim that Apple would add the 4G technology which is now the norm among rival smartphones over the last two years.

Last year a rumor surfaced that testing was being done on the 4S of the 4G LTE iPhones based on some logs that were brought to light. More recently the same info surfaced in Korea that Apple intended to add support for LTE network bands. Some analysts even went as far as to say that Apple needed to add 4G LTE to the iPhone or they were going to risk falling behind with competitors even though they were far advanced in other aspects of technology. According to a comment by Apple, the 4G technology would force design to make compromises that the company did not want to make.

Experts feel that Apple will show off the next generation iPhone 5 at the September 12 press event. Once that event is over, there will plenty of details to talks about. Apple has now officially announced the September 12 press release in San Francisco, with the invitation leaving very little doubt that the news is about the new iPhone 5 or whatever it will be called. The new iPhone has set records in the amount of analyzing, rumors, or leaked information as has the next generation iPhone. New iPhone seekers must surely have already seen, heard, or talked about the new phone.

Anticipations have run high about what questions consumers may want to have answers to like what the name will be since they expected more from the release of the 4S.  Many think the New iPad would work, but expect the “5” to have something to do with it since the invitation boasted the shadowed 5 in content. The rumors and pictures thus far also indicate a taller and wider unit. The expected two-tone color and metal back will be a throwback look from the 2007 phone. It’s almost certain that the screen will be larger, at least a 4-inch unit with a possible extra row of icons. Time will tell as we should all know the answers in a few days.
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