DVD vs. Blu-ray

6 Sep

The main differences between DVD and Blu-ray is the overall quality. Blu-ray offers superior resolution and audio compared to the DVD.

It’s sort of like moving from the old VHS to the DVD platform. However, without a higher end TV and audio system connected to the player, the difference may not be noticeable.

But if you have an HDTV system, the difference is appreciable. The DVD platform is limit to 720×480 (480p) while Blu-ray more than doubles that to 1,920×1,080 (1080p).

In audio, the Blu-ray Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats deliver studio-quality sound. This more than trebles the sound quality available with Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution.

Blu-ray also trumps DVD in added features. A pop-up menu lets you get to the menu functions as the movie plays. Picture-in-picture video commentary is available. Some Blu-ray players allow you to download new content.

The main drawback to the Blu-ray is the cost. Players typically are more than $200 and movies $25 and up. People with a memory reaching back to the early 80s recall the first video tape machines were more than $1,000 and the movies were often $100. DVD players and movies also started out high and the price dropped.

Based strictly on this historical record, Blu-ray players and movies will also drop in price.

Another historical issue is the availability of titles. In the beginning of the DVD revolution, very few movies were available that way v. tape. Now finding a video tape movie means looking at flea markets and yard sales. The Blu-ray movie selection is limited right now, but will grow as the format is increasingly accepted.

Fortunately for DVD owners, Blu-ray players will play DVDs. However, the Blu-ray functions won’t all be available.


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